Molding Process (Development and Evaluation)

Molding Process (Official Development)

After customer confirmation of drawing files, material and tolerances, operation shall start when order is placed.

Sales Department:
On confirmation of customer order, convert the order into internal order and coordinate with Production Control to set up the delivery schedule according to customer requirements.
Mold Production Control:
On receipt of the internal order, coordinate with Technical Section to arrange processing flowchart, and follow up to assure the parts being made within the scheduled date and that they are being processed as scheduled. Issue the “Mold Test Request” and compile “Mold History Log” to ensure customer reception date .
Technical Department:
Design, review and issue drawings according to the schedule set by Production Control.
Mold manufacturing:
On receipt of drawings issued by Technical, review the drawing and start processing.
Quality Check:
perform detailed inspection on processed parts.
Start assembly after checking and confirming part numbers of all the parts in accordance with the Work Order Number.
Molding Production Control:
Prepare materials and machines according to the requisition submitted by Molding Production Control, and get ready for the mold test.
Mold Acceptance:
After QC measures the mold, send the mold to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation, Mold Acceptance is accomplished; Molding Production Control shall then take over the mold and wait for the customer's order for production.


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